Who We Are

Holy Cow! is a fast casual restaurant concept, focusing on delicious fresh, nutritious burgers served in a quick, friendly environment. Our burgers are made with locally Swiss, fresh quality ingredients and cooked in front of the customers in our open kitchens. 

We believe in good food served fast. And that fast should not come at the expense of freshness or taste. The taste begins with quality, fresh ingredients from our suppliers who are committed to reducing packaging, shelf life and transport time. 

We look to lead by example, especially when it comes to preserving the environment, challenging the market and raising its standards

We are convinced that a good burger will never get old and that needs to be served with a smile.

Join our „Fast Food Revolution“, and help us usher in a new, tastier, unprocessed era for food served fast.

Locally Swiss

Holy Cow! looks to buy as much of its content locally in Switzerland in order to produce the freshest, tastiest burgers on the market. In order to do this, Holy Cow! has key partners that supply the ingredients needed. We are proud of the fact we buy Swiss, and always look for the Suisse Guarantee label as a sign of quality. Further to this idea, Holy Cow! is committed to the goal of buying at least one product from each canton. It’s our way to bring all of Switzerland into our burgers!

Currently, we buy items produced in the following cantons: 
Beef  Canton of Vaud
Chicken Canton of Lucerne
Drinks Canton of Lucerne
Salad Canton of Vaud
Sauces Canton of Glarus
Syrups Canton of St. Gall
Spices Canton of St. Gall
Cleaning products Canton of Basel-City
Packaging Canton of Basel-City
Bread Canton of Vaud, Geneva, Zurich and Valais


BEL-AIR – Rue des Terreaux 10, 1003 Lausanne
BOURG - Cheneau-de-Bourg 17, 1003 Lausanne
CORNAVIN – Place Cornavin 22, 1201 Genève
PLAINPALAIS – Rue Carouge 14, 1205 Genève
ZÄHRINGERSTRASSE – Zähringerstrasse 28, 8001 Zürich
SION – Avenue de France 8a, 1950 Sion
FRIBOURG – Rue de Lausanne 6, 1700 Fribourg
EPFL - Quartier Nord, Les Arcades, EPFL, Route Louis–Favre 8d, 1024 Ecublens
WINTERTHUR – Obergasse 15, 8400 Winterthur


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