A Dessert to Savor: Our Freshly Baked Handcrafted Cookies Await You
Nouveaux coookie HOLYCOW

Discover our three irresistible gourmet flavors to tantalize your taste buds !

Two years ago, we introduced our new desserts to the menu – locally sourced artisanal ice creams. Well, we bring exciting news for all sweet lovers: since the start of the year, our sixteen restaurants across Switzerland have introduced a brand-new dessert – mouthwatering cookies, meticulously prepared with passion and expertise.

Crafted in the surroundings of Lausanne, our cookies encapsulate our values and unwavering dedication to locally sourced and artisanal ingredients.

For the most discerning palates, indulge in our Double Cream of Gruyère and Pecan Nut cookie, a perfect fusion of renowned double cream and the crunchy bites of pecan nuts.

Cookie traditionalists will be won over by our Double Chocolate Hazelnut cookie, a timeless treat that combines rich chocolate and the sweetness of hazelnut. A nostalgic delight!

And for those seeking a groovy balance of sweet and savory, our Peanut Butter and Chocolate cookie is a gem for the taste buds. You’ll be hooked from the very first bite.

So, treat yourself without delay! Our cookies are available at all HC! restaurants, as well as on home delivery, takeaway and on our Click & Collect platform available on the HC! App.

If you haven’t yet downloaded our app, we give you an encouraging nudge to do so, unlocking access to exclusive offers year-round!

See you soon at Holy Cow! 😉

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