From its humble beginnings in Lausanne and after a decade of national growth and development, Holy Cow! has remained true to its philosophy: Swissness, swiss taste, and swiss made are an integral part of Holy Cow! DNA.

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Locally Swiss

Holy Cow! strives to source as much as possible from local Swiss producers to offer our clients the freshest and tastiest burgers on the market. All of our ingredients (meat, bread, potatoes, salad) are locally sourced and produced in Switzerland. Supply routes are short to minimize out carbon footprint and to maintain the freshness of our products without the use of preservatives. We strive to buy at least one product from each canton to bring all of Switzerland into our burgers.

Zero Waste Goal

We are committed to adopting environmentally-friendly practices and prioritizing local and renewable energies. The majority of our products are delivered in reusable crates, and we have opted for specific metal baskets for food, lined with recyclable paper in all of our restaurants.

This conscious choice allows us to reduce our consumption of water and energy while limiting waste production compared to traditional restaurants. Additionally, we prioritize biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging in all of our restaurants, and they are also equipped with PET recycling and food waste bins.

We believe that every small gesture is essential in ensuring a more sustainable environment and are proud to contribute to this collective effort.

Richard et Adrian

Holy Cow! History

Founded in 2009 in Lausanne, Holy Cow! revolutionized the Swiss burger market with a unique concept: a fresh gourmet burger made with only locally sourced ingredients, and served up in only 5-8 minutes. The concept and recipes were the result of founder Richard’s (left of photo) work and travels in various food businesses around the world.

In 2017 the brand was acquired by a small group of local entrepreneurs, led by Adrian (on the right), who was key in developing Holy Cow! from a regional business to a national brand. In 2023, the company joined the Better Burger Society network, which is a partnership of the top gourmet burger concepts from European countries. Today, Adrian is the CEO of the company and can still count on Rich, who remains with the company as the head of quality assurance. As sons of a beef farmer (Rich) and a baker (Adrian) they both share common values found in good family-run businesses – a commitment to hard work and quality honest produce. These simple values are the cornerstones of Holy Cow’s! success today.

The founding slogan was: “Come Join the Fast-Food Revolution.” This revolution is an integral part of our company’s DNA – revolutionizing quality, standards, and surrounding ourselves with partners that allow us to offer a unique Holy Cow! experience to our customers

Our philosophy

To offer a quality gourmet burger, served rapidly, without compromising freshness and taste. We aim to produce high-quality dishes using local ingredients in the same time as traditional low-quality fast food chains, while providing great value for money.

In addition, Holy Cow! focuses strongly on the client experience, creating ambient dining spaces that promote social interaction in a warm and friendly environment.

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