Holy cow! burger news: a gourmet burger that will make your taste buds dance

As eagerly awaited as the third season of Lupin, our brand new creation finally landed in our restaurants on Monday 1st of May. Hold on tight, because this recipe is about to become your new favorite gourmet burger! So, without further ado, let us introduce our latest promo burger: Mister Pickles.

With 100% fresh Swiss beef and melted cheddar, this new burger may look like a simple classic, but it has a surprise in store that will bamboozle you from the very first bite. The Dijon mustard mayo gives a subtly spicy note, while the cornichon and pickled onion relish adds a zing of acidity that balances everything perfectly. Close your eyes and let the blend of flavors and textures whisk you off on a vintage journey.

The name pays homage to the pickled onion and cornichon that bring freshness and acidity to this gourmet burger. These elements are what make the Mister Pickles so unique and addictive. Once you try it, we don’t think you’ll be able to resist it!

Mark your calendars! This explosive recipe is only available until the end of June. Discover it now in all our restaurants, whether you dine in, get it delivered, or take it away with our Click & Collect system available on our app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it quickly to enjoy an exclusive offer on the Mister Pickles, as well as other delicious promotions!

And since there’s always something new at Holy Cow!, get ready, because this year we have not one, but two new recipes for you to discover! So stay tuned, we’ll be in touch again soon 😉

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