Holy Cow! burger news : Colonel Moutarde invites you for a gourmet adventure

Clue enthusiasts, this news will delight you! Our teams not only share your fervor for mystery but have taken it to the next level by naming our latest promotional burger after one of the illustrious characters from the legendary game!

The creation of this new recipe sprouted during a mouthwatering competition among all our restaurants, where creative minds vied to offer you our brand-new promotional burger – and undoubtedly the best one!

This competition is part of the Burger Love initiative, a support fund created by Richard, the founder of Holy Cow! Burger Love showcases our commitment to supporting local charities and causes. Each time you savor one of our sensational promotional burgers, you’re directly contributing to the invaluable Burger Love fund.

For the first edition of this culinary contest, it was the recipe crafted by the team at the Geneva Plainpalais restaurant – currently under renovation – that managed to capture the hearts and taste buds of a discerning jury during a blind tasting.

Made with 100% Swiss beef and crispy bacon, adding an irresistible gourmet touch, it’s primarily the deliciously melting Tomme vaudoise cheese and the homemade honey mustard sauce that make it an unmissable burger. Carefully and creatively concocted by the winning team, the honey mustard sauce offers a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Indulgent and irresistible, don’t feel guilty enjoying it!

So, put on your detective hat, prepare your taste buds for an enigmatic adventure, and head to our restaurants to devour the mysteries of this creation in a single bite!

PS: As good news never comes alone, get ready for more delicious surprises! Our menu is getting enriched with novelties starting September 4th. Beef and vegetarian burgers, chicken and vegan salads (the very first on the menu), there’s something for every taste. Don’t miss the opportunity to come and discover them! 😉

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