Take the sting out of going back to school with our student menus

Take the sting out of going back to school with our student menus

It’s time to say goodbye to the seaside deckchairs and return to the classroom benches – a complete change of scenery guaranteed! Your soporific maths teacher and his never-ending lessons, the exams… going back to school isn’t exactly inspiring! Luckily for you, our student menus are designed to cheer you up between classes.

Show your student card to our teams and enjoy one of our three student menus at a reduced price! A Big Beef to savour our irresistible Suisse Garantie label beef, a Big Cheese with melted cheddar or a Veggie burger homemade by one of our chefs – there is something to satisfy all tastes. From just CHF 14.90, you can tuck into our unique Swiss gourmet student menu: burger, portion of fries and soft drink.

We also have a lot of Swiss Made drinks on offer to keep you hydrated: Holy Cola, ice tea, and a rainbow of cordials. The latter have been specially designed for Holy Cow! using fruit and natural ingredients by our producer based in St Gallen. They share the same values of quality and supply proximity as Holy Cow! A family-run company founded over 20 years ago, our producer has remained faithful to the same philosophy of making a product that retains the quality of its natural ingredients and, of course, does not add preservatives.

So what are you waiting for to come try our Gourmet Burgers at great prices? Our restaurants throughout Switzerland are open every day until late in the evening.

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P.S. If you missed out on the last one, enter the code BTS20 on your app and enjoy 20% off your next order (code cannot be used for student menus) !

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