Holy Cow! St-Gall

The freshest Swiss burgers in Switzerland are coming to St. Gallen!

The first Holy Cow! restaurant was born more than 10 years ago in the central Lausanne. Today our burgers are heading to a brand-new location and a new region, at the other end of Switzerland.

Heading to… [drum roll] St. Gallen! Known for its magnificent Baroque-style abbey and its embroideries coveted by Parisian Haute Couture, the Swiss university town will soon host our concept of Swiss gourmet burgers.

Be careful when you read this article because it will make your belly scream for a burger! Indeed, after opening many restaurants in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Holy Cow! is now ready to conquer the hearts of the whole of Switzerland!

10 minutes to receive it, one bite to adopt it! As we know that time is precious, we are committed to serving you our FAST, FRESH & LOCAL Holy Cow! Burgers in record time, without altering the taste or quality of the products.

Sankt-Galler(in) will discover the DNA of Holy Cow! through our regional products. Concerned about the ecological challenges, Holy Cow! acts responsibly and supports the local economy by carefully choosing its ingredients from Swiss producers. These values and convictions have helped us reduce supply chain distances, minimizing our carbon footprint, and allow us to offer you tasty and nutritious Swiss burgers, for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.

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