Holy Cola, the drink that will bring you bubbles of joy.

New Year, New Us! To start off 2022 with something beautiful, Holy Cow! is proud to announce its latest product. It will turn your life upside down! We’re only joking – we haven’t opened a restaurant in the metaverse.

Have you been waiting for years for a famous American drink to go with our burgers? Maybe the one that has Santa as a brand ambassador? We prefer to offer you something more local.

Just for you, we’ve specially selected a new bubbly and refreshing Swiss made drink. It goes perfectly with our delicious burgers and tasty salads. Just one tip. We really recommend you don’t have a Mentos mint with it – it’s explosive enough already!

Have you guessed? Holy Cow! presents its newest drink. It’s unforgettable. It’s Holy Cola!

Whether you are sitting cosily on your sofa or eating outside on a sunny terrace, our Holy Cola is the perfect accompaniment for all of your meals.

If, like every year, you have made plenty of admirable New Year’s resolutions (which will last for the next weeks, we know 😉) and one of them is to reduce your sugar intake, don’t worry. Our new Holy Cola drink is also available in a sugar-free version. It’s just as tasty!

Don’t wait any longer! Come and toast the new year with our Holy Cola! It is now available throughout Switzerland.

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PS Stay in touch! Next month, we will be announcing a new location. Can you guess where in Switzerland you will be able to taste the “Saint Graal”?



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